WHA Mission Statement

Woburn Housing Authority (WHA) was duly established in January 1946 as a Public Corporation. The mission then, as it is now, was to provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing primarily to persons of low income.

The Woburn Housing Authority endeavors to maintain those basic requirements of law enabling equal and fair treatment toward those applying for and participating in, all of its public housing and tenant based programs.

Those persons seeking housing eligibility may do so without bias or prejudice and will be assured of equal treatment and opportunity. It is therefore a requirement of the Woburn Housing Authority, to adhere to all Federal and State regulations. Additionally it is our mission to abide by all Fair Housing Standards and Laws.

While it is important that our citizens have equal access, it is also a primary standard that the Authority assembles and provides mechanisms that improve the quality of life for’ our low¬ income community. It is the goal of this agency to never settle for mediocre or status quo.

This mission statement reflects the highest ideals of the Woburn Housing Authority. We recognize that as our community needs change, it is prudent that our purpose and deployment methodologies be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.

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